The Scopelliti family has their origins in the farming district of Sunraysia, which is located in the far north-west of Victoria.  Paul Scopelliti (Senior) settled in the district in the early 1950's after migrating from Italy. He soon established himself as one of the districts most successful and profitable growers of fruit and vegetables.

The name itself “Belvedere” is a translation from the Italian language of meaning “Beautiful to See”.

Over the years, with the help of his six sons and wife, Paul Scopelliti acquired substantial land-holdings in the Sunraysia district. Much of the farm land he acquired was originally bush land which he developed into highly prosperous farm land. The farming income was also invested into other property developments and as a result a secure financial foundation was established, which the family continues to develop.

Most of the land has been retained by the family and divided up amongst the family members. The family's' most successful farm development was the farm acquired in Karadoc Victoria.  The land was acquired by the family in the early 1970s and converted from bush land into a highly successful and profitable fruit farm.

Since first establishment the Company has diversified its product range and offerings and expanded into more markets with more acreage. With Suppliers and distributors locally, nationally and even globally including UK, US and Asian continents as of recent times.

With investments into technology such as effective waste management, and growth assistants such as Shade Net Coverings over crops to deliver more fruit at a higher grade and top quality whilst contributing to the environment helping to be eco-friendly.