Quality Acceditation

BFG has an advanced quality accreditation standard in place which it adheres to stringently to ensure a very high standard product output.

Recently, BFG received an award from the relevant quality accreditation authority for its advanced quality growing techniques.

BFG’s quality assurance system “HACCP” uses a science based and systematic approach to identify specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food.

HACCP is a tool to assess hazards and establish control systems that focus on prevention rather than relying mainly on end product testing.

HACCP systems can aid inspection by regulatory authorities and promote international trade by increasing confidence in food safety.  It has been specifically prepared for the food industry to increase market competitiveness by meetings= demands of food safety and quality demanded by consumers. 

Implementing the code is not a guarantee of food safety and quality.  However, management systems that are developed to meet the requirements of this code will minimize the risks to consistently achieving product safety and quality.

Food safety is fundamental to any developed country.  Consumers expect and demand that the food they consume is safe and of high quality.  The Standard has been prepared for the export, import, orchards, vineyards, wine industry, retail, food service, hotel, hospitality, storage and transportation to cover all food handling preparation storage and processing operations including transportation.

The Code is an integrated food safety and quality system requirement for use by all sectors of the food industry.  The code must meet CODEX Alimentarius Commission Guidelines.

In 2008 BFG gained accreditation on the Karadoc property for Global Gap Quality Assurance.  This is an in depth accreditation used to supply fruit (particularly the Easy Peel Navels) to the UK market.