Belvedere fruit boasts the largest Avocado acreage in the region of sunraysia with an estimated 70 acres of Hass and Reed Variety.

The varieties themselves are always strong for demand as it coincides with the end of the tropical market.

Hass is typically smaller in size but has a smooth and creamy taste, It has a rough pebble skin texture which starts from green when picked to purplish-black when ripening. Packout Tray Sizes Range from 25's to 32's and also Bulk.

Reed variety is larger in size and firmer in texture allowing the fruit to store for longer, Its shape is predominatly rounder and more of a summertime variety. Packout Tray Sizes Range from 12's to 25's aswell as Bulk.

Belvedere's Avocados are Australian Based  with outlets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Tasmania Wholesale Markets and also Metropolitan and Regional Fruit Stores.